LAST UPDATED: 2018.11.20

SPACED is a little website focused around various subjects that I am interested in. I write about just about anything, and post those pieces here. The website grows alongside my coding and writing ability and is constantly changing. It also contains miscellaneous things like art and music. You can explore what I have to offer or check out the archive of other sites I highly recommend.
>2018.20.11. no, this site isn't dead. school is just getting in the way, and killing my motivation. (oh, how i wish i could like chemistry.) i've decided i'll begin updating the site when i have several big updates. this way, there will be a lot of new content. but in case you're wondering what has changed this time: i just changed the font.

>2018.10.8. yayyyyyy we have a button now! along with a blog! i am productive, no? i'm going to put up some buttons of fellow Neocities sites. if you look up you will see a link to my guestbook. plsssss b nice 我很很害羞 >.< lol kinda joking, but feel free to just send a neat message. even mention the name of your site, if you're feeling it, and I can check you out.

> 2018.10.7. christ it's another layout change. hey, this site is still very young so why am i not allowed to try out styles? once again, i didn't like the previous layout becos it felt... well, weird. i didn't feel like i could get very creative with it. along with that, the colors were bland. blue and yellow are nice but kind of lame when they're the only ones there. however, this will be the last layout update for a long while. i'm going to shift focus to actual new content for the site, like a button (which i am still trying to design but hating each result.)

> 2018.9.15. the site got a layout update again. hopefully, this will be the last one for a while. there were things i didn't like about the previous one but i did try to keep the same basic idea in.

> 2018.8.22. the about page is now up and running! you are free to discover my tragic backstory! there is now a little custom cursor. blue, of course. changed the colors of the links. the font is arial for now, because courier new was beginning to frustrate my eyes. there is a footer at the bottom of the index page. this will just contain basic stuff. if you look to the right, there is an #epic dj busting out some beats. this will eventually link to a page for music, as i don't think it's important enough to be linked on the navigation bar.

> 2018.8.14. changed the look of the layout. the previous one felt too enclosed. the title and headers are tilted slightly. i don't know if i entirely like this yet, so i'll have to wait and see. there are now simple statistics on the right so i can see if anyone other than me is actually visiting the site. LOL added two (2) more 88x31 buttons. i know, exciting! (eventually i will make my very own button for this website, and also add buttons that link to other websites!) i am brainstorming pages for the site. obviously, i will want an "about me" page, so that's crossed off the list. i also really like space, so i am considering making a page or two dedicated to the subject. a blog might pop up in the future, but i don't think it will be very personal.

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